Welcome to Nancy for Electrimacs 2021

Welcome to the Electrimacs 2021 Conference (14th International Conference of the International Association for Mathematics and Computer in Simulation). We will be happy to welcome you in Nancy, French capital of Art Nouveau, for this new congress. Famous for the Stanislas Square and for its differents culinary specialities like bergamot candy and macaroons.

ELECTRIMACS 2021 Nancy is the 14th international conference on theory and application of modelling, simulation, analysis, design optimization, identification and diagnostics in electrical power engineering of the IMACS TC1 Committee.

The objectives of the conference are to provide scientific and professional interactions for the advancement of the modeling and simulation of power electronics system, electric machines and electromagnetic devices, power management of electrical systems, transportation systems, micro & smart grids, electric and hybrid vehicles, wireless power transfer, renewable energy systems, energy storage, batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells systems.

You will find all of the usefull information about the congress into this page:

  • Important deadlines
  • Scientific themes
  • Instructions for submission
  • Social program
  • Practical information
  • How to contact us

We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful city next year!

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Important deadlines

- Tuesday, September 8th, 2020: Call for communications.
- Monday, November 9th, 2020: Opening of the registration.
- Monday, December 14th, 2020: Abstracts submission deadline.
- Friday, April 9th, 2021: Deadline full papers submission.

Topics 2021

  • Modelling and simulation of power electronics systems

- Analysis, Emerging materials/Components for power electronics converters
- Electromagnetic compatibility
- Sensors for power electronics converters
- Design and optimisation of power electronics converters

  • Modelling and simulation of electrical machines and electromagnetic device

- Modeling and simulation of electrical machines
- Modeling and simulation of electromagnetic devices
- Analytic models in electromagnetic devices

  • Control and power management of electrical systems

- Real time simulation methods
- Modeling and control methods applied to electrical systems
- Hardware in the loop emulation of electrical systems
- Fuel cell systems
- Identification/diagnostic/prognostic techniques applied to electrical systems

  • Microgrids/smart grids

- Centralised, decentralised and distributed control of microgrids
- Design and optimisation of microgrids systems
- Optimized Power management of microgrids systems
- Forcasting methods

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How to come to Nancy

There are two main possibilities to reach Nancy:

  • By train from many cities in France and in other European countries
  • Flight to Paris, then train to Nancy

Other possibilities :

  • By car: from Paris or Strasbourg take the A4 motorway; from Brussels, Luxembourg or Dijon take the A31 motorway
  • Regional airport: connections to Lyon, Toulouse and some European cities
  • Flight to Luxembourg or Strasbourg, then train to Nancy

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